The UDMercy Bookstore-Old and New

The University of Detroit Mercy Bookstore on the McNichols campus has had more than one location. I have not been able to identify the first location-but from the pictures dated 1949, it was in the the lowest level of some building judging by all the pipes running along the ceiling.

bookstore1 bookstore2



It was later moved to the lower level of the Briggs building. That building was not built until 1958, so those earlier pictures could not have been taken in that building. It was there until at least 1970. That year on March 1st, there was a major fire set in the bookstore that caused $185,000 worth of damage. It was determined to be arson, but I have not found anything in the archives to indicate that they ever found who was responsible for the fire. There was even a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who set the fire.


1965 University of Detroit Book Store located in the basement floor of the Briggs building

At some point after the fire, the book store was relocated to its current location in the Student Center Building. The main building was dedicated in 1955 and the addition to it in December 1, 1970.