1916 One Hundred Years Ago at UD….


Rev. William T. Doran, S.J.

The Rev. William T. Doran, S.J. had recently been installed as the new President of UD on Sept. 21, 1915 after the untimely death of a very popular president Rev. William F. Dooley. He had been Vice-President of the University and had worked closely with the previous president and was a worthy successor of President Dooley.

On October 2, 1916, the University of Detroit formally opened the Evening School of Commerce and Finance.

1916 College of Arts and Science Tuition:

1916ud2(Just to keep things in perspective: In 1916, the cost of a movie ticket was $0.07, an ounce of gold was $20.72 and a loaf of bread was $0.05. The average home was $6,187, the price of a car was $440.)

Some extracurricular activities: 1916ud3Although the US would not officially enter World War I until 1917, it was very much on the minds of the students in 1916. U of D would not be offering a degree in aeronautical engineering until 1921, but they were writing about the aerospace industry in the student newspaper Tamarack in 1916.


“Squadron of fighting aeroplanes and aeroplane chasers “somewhere in France” about 15,000 aeroplanes in use in Europe today and about 8,000 aviators flying them.”