New UDMercy Archives and Special Collections Blog

Welcome to the first posting of the University of Detroit Mercy Archives and Special Collections Blog!

There have been so many interesting and unusual things that I have come across in managing the archives and special collections here at the library that I decided there should be a way to share my experiences. I hope to post something every week about the events and people that have been a part of the history of the University of Detroit and Mercy College of Detroit. Many times the things I find are more by accident or chance, those are the types of material I find the most interesting.

That picture you see is my avatar on Second Life. UDM has a Second Life site where you can make a virtual visit of the UD Football Programs, Black Abolitionist Archive and Fr. Dowling Marine Historical Collection. I will go into more detail about these places in a later posting. Don’t forget to check the library Pinterest site for more pictures from the archives.

So check back here and see what forgotten treasures and memories I come across here at the University of Detroit Mercy Library.