Old Memories of New Beginnings

Its the start of a new school year and I am taking the time to reflect on all the different things I have posted on this blog this past year. If there is more about U of D than there is about Mercy College, it is not just because they are an older institution; material from Mercy College is sadly, simply not available. I like to be able to put pictures with the stories I find, and there are not a lot of pictures of Mercy College activities. If there are any Mercy College alumni out there with memorabilia, I would love to hear from you. One plea through the alumni magazine Spiritus did turn up an old Mercy College Junior Prom dance booklet. Who knew such a thing even existed!

You can only get so much from the student newspapers and yearbooks. Ahhh yearbooks–they don’t do those anymore. That is too bad because you lose a sense of what things were like back in the good old days. Also from an archival perspective, paper still last longer than the digital media that people use now.

The archive files are full of hundreds of stories yet to be told.   For some things I have pictures but no clue as to what year it might have been taken or just a picture of campus life, but not necessarily any story connected like this one with a couple of coeds back in 1928 having a snowball fight.

You can read more details on the books, newspapers, yearbooks, etc. that have been published about the university that is available on the Special Collections page. I hope this blog in the past year has shed some light on some of the more interesting parts of the history of University of Detroit, Mercy College of Detroit and the combined University of Detroit Mercy.